• Primo 16" Glazed Baking/Pizza Stone


    Title: Primo Baking/Pizza Stones


    Use Primo’s Baking Stones to make authentic wood-fired pizza, bake bread, casseroles, and pies. The Baking Stones offer a baking surface with even heating. Available in Glazed (one side) and Natural Finish models. The glazed stones offer a non-stick surface while the natural finished sides help absorb moisture from baking foods like pizza dough. Both Baking Stones are available in 13” and 16” diameters. 16" Glazed (#338) and Natural (#348) for XL 400, LG 300 and Kamado. 13" Glazed (#340) and Natural (#350) for XL 400, LG 300, JR 200 and Kamado.